develop ⋆ edit ⋆ proof

develop ⋆ edit ⋆ proof


I specialize in editing queer romance.


I offer several levels of editing to meet your needs, from developmental work and line editing to proofreading. I specialize in queer romance and LGBTQ+ genre fiction. I will help you: Maintain your unique voice....


At the moment, I am not accepting new clients. Returning clients, my open editing spots are listed below. If you have project ready and there’s no availability when you need it, email me with the details and...


I’ve worked with several authors over the years on various levels of edits. If you read MM romance, you’re bound to find a book I’ve edited in your library. Click on the author name below...


After you’ve booked your editing slot, make sure to fill out my intake form. This helps ensure we’re on the same page before editing begins.


Before You Hit Send

Run a final spelling and grammar check. Make sure your character names are spelled correctly. Cut junk words. Here are 43 to delete. Cut adverbs. Cut even...
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Manuscript Prep

To make editing a smoother process, please format your manuscript before emailing it to me. I edit in Microsoft Word and utilize Track Changes for...
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Compound Sentences and FANBOYS!

A compound sentence is made up of two independent clauses joined together with a coordinating conjunction. There are several coordination conjunctions. You know the list: and,...
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Oxford Comma Logic

I ran across this video today and had to pass it on. When preparing your manuscript for an editor, the serial comma is something you'll...
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I have worked with boho edits on a number of books and I cannot say enough good things about their work. The developmental editing side has saved my bacon once or twice and helped my book to the next level of success. The copy editing is precise and detailed. I have books set in Australia and New Zealand and boho are wonderful for dealing with the language and colloquial variations that entails. I cannot recommend boho highly enough. You are in safe hands.

Jay Hogan

I’ve used Boho Edits for my editing services since 2015, and I highly recommend Posy. Not only is her work thorough and all-inclusive, but she’s always on time, communicates openly about her scheduling, and her comments and suggestions are well-researched and encouraging. Posy works with the author to make a manuscript the best it can be, and I’m proud to have her name in my books.

N.R. Walker

Professional, courteous, and thorough, Boho Edits is a pleasure to work with. I know my story is in safe hands.

Jay Northcote