Manuscript Prep

To make editing go smoother, please format your manuscript before emailing it to me. I edit using MS Word and utilize Track Changes, inline edits, and comment boxes, so only send me doc or docx files. This is what I prefer:

  • Body of the text – Times New Roman font, 12 pt.
  • 1.5 inch line spacing.
  • Left aligned or justified.
  • No tabs or double returns between paragraphs. Use the first line indent feature in Word.
  • Use Curly Quotes. If your document has straight quotes in it, do an Advanced Find and Replace in Word using Wild Cards to seek out and replace those straight quotes.
  • Remove double spaces between sentences and stray spaces before hard returns.
  • Please include the document title and page number in the header or footer on the first page of each chapter, at the very least.

Check your Language in the Word menu as well. Set the language to the country where your story is set. Do so by hitting Select All and then change the language to the correct dictionary.

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