Boho Edits
Posy Roberts – Editor
Olive – Editorial Assistant

My name is Posy Roberts, and I’m a romance author, editor, musician, and jack of all trades.

I grew up in a home where words and how they were put together were a big deal. When I’d ask my mom what a word meant, she’d grab the dictionary, help me sound the word out so I could find it, and answer the million questions I asked. I was curious then, and I’m just as curious today, which has benefitted me in work as an author and editor.

My professional editing career started in 2014 with a small press, and I soon took on freelance jobs. It wasn’t long before word of mouth took over and more jobs filtered in. Before I knew it, I was Boho Edits.

I’m not the only editor in my family. My mom was hired to edit dissertations, my husband is a medical copy editor and poet, and my daughter goes out of her way to ensure the serial comma is used everywhere she goes. Needless to say, correcting grammar at my house is practically a sport—the only one any of us will play. 😉

If you’re curious about the books I’ve edited, check out my Portfolio. Awesome authors are represented there, including N.R. Walker, who was the author who encouraged me to go out on my own.

On copyright pages, you may find me credited as Labyrinth Bound Edits, but in 2018, I had an existential crisis and decided my business name wasn’t reflecting who I was. Now it does.

And if you’re so inclined, check out the books I’ve written at