Boho Edits


I offer several levels of editing to meet your needs, from developmental work and line editing to proofreading. I specialize in queer romance and LGBTQ+ genre fiction.

I will help you:

  • Maintain your unique voice.
  • Sort out the comma drama. Should it be here? Should I delete it?
  • Reveal those easy-to-overlook missing words, frustrating homonyms, and misused and overused words. 
  • Address pacing, overwriting, continuity, and timeline issues. 
  • Untangle the confusion of the Chicago Manual of Style. 

How deep do you want to go?

Deep & Technical

aka: developmental or structural edit and a line edit

This is a two step process that starts with a Content Edit, which is a deeper look at your story’s content, structure, and theme. I’ll address romance beats, overwriting, pacing, flow, clarity, and style.

I’ll send the story back so you can address the suggestions before you send it back to me for round two.

On the second round, the Copy Edit, I address technical issues and ensure consistency. Attention will be focused on grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, vocabulary, as well as sentence and paragraph structure.

The Chicago Manual of Style will be my style guide unless otherwise requested.

$7.00 per 1,000 words*†

The Structural Side

aka: developmental or structural edit

The Content Edit is substantive. It’s a deep look at your story’s content, structure, and theme. I’ll address plot holes, overwriting, pacing, flow, clarity, and style. Any discrepancies in plot, voice, or characterizations will be addressed.

I’ll ensure the overall story arc, romance beats, and characters are relatable and believable. I’ll also focus on dialogue flow while hunting down those pesky tense changes, point-of-view slips, and concepts that detract from the story.

$5.00 per 1,000 Words*†

The Technical Side

aka: line edit

I’ll address technical issues: grammar, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary, sentence and paragraph structure. I’ll use a balanced approach between your writing style and writing conventions.

I will point out missed words, overused words/phrases, and those pesky homonyms as well as do a check for consistency. After you’ve made all your changes, I’ll do a spot check on any additions. If you want me to read the story from top to bottom again, I can for an additional fee.

The Chicago Manual of Style will be my style guide unless otherwise requested, and it’s important for me to know where your story is set so I can use the appropriate dictionary and grammar conventions. I’m American, however, most of my editing work is with British and Australian authors.

$5.00 per 1,000 words*† – single full read
$8.00 per 1,000 words*† – double full read

The Final Touch-up

Proofreading is done at a similar pace that your readers will go through your work. This is not an edit, but a touch-up. I will address sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, style consistency, numbers, and preformatting so your manuscript is ready for formatting.

Please let me know of any preferences on formatting before I get started. If you format with Vellum, I can preformat your manuscript for easier uploading.

$2.00 per 1,000 words*†

*  All prices shown in USD
† I will round word count to the nearest 1,000 words when billed
‡ Additional charges will apply for manuscripts that require extra time and attention.

Where to Start

The Fine Print

If this the first time I’ve edited for you, I’ll edit 1,000 words for free to ensure we work well together. I base my cost estimate on your sample, so send me a section of your manuscript that needs work and is indicative of your editing needs. Additional charges will apply for manuscripts that require extra time and attention.

I accept payment via PayPal, Payoneer, or Stripe, and 50% payment is required before starting.

I base prices on the highest word count and rounded to the nearest 1,000. If you add words between a content and copy edit, I base the charge on the higher word count.

My turnaround time is generally 7-10 days for each stage of your edit. If your story is over 80,000 words, it will be closer to 10 days, so plan for that. If you schedule with me for content and line edits on 2 consecutive weeks, there may be some overlap. It’s best to schedule me at least 3 weeks before your ultimate due date.